Where Should I Buy My Policy?

The Internet offers a wealth of information and resources. Fortunately for consumers, insurance is one of the many products available for purchase online. Consumers can use the Internet to do research, obtain competitive quotes and decide on the best policy to fit their needs. In fact, the Internet may offer one of the easiest and complete ways to compare companies and quotes, saving consumers both precious time and money. Before selecting any policy, make sure your proposal offers enough coverage to meet your comfort level.

Benefits of Buying Insurance Online

Consumers who purchase their coverage online can enjoy these benefits:

  • Convenience of shopping from home
  • Competitive quotes from multiple carriers
  • Safe and secure protection of sensitive data and identity
  • Peace of mind associated with trusted, valued insurers
  • Fast quotes and less waiting for paperwork
  • Potential for lower premiums. Processing an online quote could cost an insurer less, and the savings can be passed on to the consumer.

Other Ways to Buy

Of course, while the Internet is the newest way of buying a plan, it isn't the only one. Consumers can still purchase insurance by visiting an agent or company in person. To do this effectively, you'll need to do research before visiting the insurer. Find out the company's reputation. Figure out the type of coverage you want, and the range of costs you're comfortable paying. Be prepared to spend time with your salesperson, and budget extra time to return and sign any paperwork. Always give yourself time to review policies before agreeing to them.

Tips for Success

No matter their manner of purchasing protection, consumers should follow these tips when selecting policies and insurers:

  • Receive competitive quotes: This is one of the reasons online insurance shopping is so popular. If you must purchase a plan in-person, consider a broker that will obtain quotes from more than one company. Competitive quotes not only help you save money, they also allow you to determine what the costs should be.
  • Review materials and ask questions: Insurance is a serious subject, and no policy should be agreed to without investigation. After you receive quotes, be sure to review the policies and declarations. Is this enough coverage for you? Would you save money with less? More?
  • Inquire about your other policies: Now that you've found how simple the online insurance-shopping process can be, ask whether your other policies (health, homeowners) also can be covered by your new insurer. There's a chance you could save money overall by combining your policies.
  • Know your state's guidelines: Each state has separate guidelines for coverage. Find out what your state requires, and make sure you are comfortable with the coverage outlined in your proposed policy.
  • Find out the factors that affected your premium: Is your car particularly expensive to insure? Your ZIP code? Might your credit rating have affected your premium? Determining the factors that impacted your costs means you could save money in the future.