Filing a Claim

When you have to file an auto insurance claim, you are probably already going through a stressful time. You may have just had an accident, and you now have to deal with the chaos that often ensues. You need to get your car repaired, find a means of alternate transportation, deal with any injuries you may have sustained, and file a claim with your insurer. Unfortunately, that last task is often the most stressful of all, especially if you have an uncooperative insurer. You may not even know where to begin with the process.

To help you navigate the challenging and often confusing world of filing a claim, we've created a collection of blogs that deal with the various aspects of the process. Reading even just a few of our posts can make filing much easier on you and possibly even improve the outcome. Auto insurers aren't exactly renowned for their willingness to pay out, but your chances of success are infinitely higher when you're equipped with the right knowledge and skills. Our blogs will inform you of your rights as a policyholder, provide tips on dealing with reluctant insurers, and discuss the impact of a claim on your future premiums.