Driver Safety

In 2007, over 37,000 fatal car accidents occurred, resulting in a death toll of more than 41,000 drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. When you add the number of collision-related injuries that occur each year, the statistics become even more alarming. Tragically, so many vehicular fatalities are due to driver distractions, fatigue, traffic law violations, and other entirely preventable causes. If drivers adhered to even the simplest of safety guidelines, the number of accident-related fatalities and injuries could be drastically reduced.

For this reason, we have created a blog that addresses the many facets of driver safety. In addition to saving lives, safe driving can also help keep Auto Insurance Remedy's rates to a minimum. Collisions, traffic tickets, and other consequences of unsafe driving will all increase your auto insurance rates, providing yet another incentive to stay safe out on the road. In our collection of articles, you will find posts on topics like how to buy a safe vehicle, the importance of child safety seats, and how to avoid carjackings.