Auto Insurer Guide

Consumers have dozens of auto insurers from which to choose when buying coverage. Of course, selecting an insurer involves much more than simply finding the lowest rates. Shoppers must also consider the financial health of the company, the insurer's customer satisfaction record, and their coverage options. Choosing the right auto insurer is especially important, as the caliber of the company could directly affect the policyholder's ability to collect on a claim down the road.

In this group of posts, we will discuss various car insurers' histories and current performances to help inform your buying decisions. We will also discuss relevant current events at the country's major insurers to help you stay apprised of the trends in the industry. Finally, we will address different auto insurers' rankings in the most recent J.D. Power & Associates customer satisfaction survey. The information contained in these articles will help you get to know the major players in the business, which should make you more comfortable in choosing the right insurer for you.